Valour Security Services is the impressive new hub providing state-of-the-art facilities and security monitoring to the Far North and beyond.

The centre features an ASIAL Grade A1 Alarm Receiving Centre, priority access to emergency services, the state’s largest set of Gunnebo Safety Deposit Boxes and 24/7 monitoring Australia-wide directly from its headquarters in Cairns.

Director of Valour Security Services, Dean Hoult, said the company was proud to bring the world-class facilities to Far North Queensland.

“There has never been an ASIAL Grade A1 Control Room outside of Brisbane across the state,” said Dean.

“The setup is state of the art. We went with the best of everything we could get to be that difference and to ensure North Queensland businesses and residences receive a higher standard than what is being delivered by monitoring centres down south.”

He said the top-of-the-line facilities and services are just part of the appeal, with the business taking a strong local focus from construction to ongoing employment to provide multi-faceted support for the local economy.

“To build the facility, we used 35-plus local businesses and more than 220 local contractors. Everything that we were able to, we got right here from local businesses,” said Dean.

“Now, just for security monitoring I have 12 staff, all local and all permanent.

“Other security services employ one person to sit in a control room for eight hours, and then they send it down south and pay people down south to monitor overnight.

“With Valour, you’re not ringing a company in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, who are happy to have your business but don’t want to spend time with you. We offer local support right here in Cairns with great offers for locals, and clients are welcome to visit our security complex by appointment.”

Additional features for locals include on-site security training and classroom hire.

Valour Security Services is located at 8 Mt Koolmoon Street, Smithfield.